New Website 2022

Winter 2021 - A new, updated and improved website is under development.

Deployments 2021

2021 - Marauder Robotics engaged in three passive hardware deployments in 2021. Each deployment built upon lessons learned in previous deployment to refine usability and functionality under COVID restrictions. Future development and deployment will include active systems that are designed for direct positive ecological impact once its operation and effects are approved for deployment.

PCT application

Spring 2021 - Marauder Robotics has worked with DLA Piper to convert a provision patent to a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing, which provides greater international provisions for the globally applicable technology that has been developed.

SMTP Renewal

Spring 2021 - Marauder Robotics was granted annual funding renewal by the Schmidt Marine Technology Partners (SMTP) to continue its work in developoing technology to help bring balance to the ocean.

Data platform development

Winter 2020 - Marauder Robotics has begun to develop a transformational marine data platform for marine managers. We are currently working with an outside contractors to develop 'alpha' and 'beta' systems to our specifications.

Majira Project

Winter 2020 - Marauder Robotics participated and became part of the Majira Project 2020 Cohort. The Majira Project matches startups with pro bono consultants from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to provide business coaching and mentoring over a 16 week engagement program.


Winter 2020 - Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, Marauder Robotics has completed system modifications and updates for remote system deployment by our collaborators.

Deployment Site survey

Fall 2020 - Marauder Robotics worked with Seafloor Subsystems Inc to conduct site surveys around targeted deployment locations. The data was analyzed by Marauder Robotics to identify specific deployment locations.

Deployment Development

Fall 2020 - Marauder Robotics has developed its first hardware system for deployment in the Pacific Ocean. COVID-19 restrictions and supply delays have slowed development, but not halted progress as two complete systems are ready for deployment.

KELPRR monthly calls

Fall 2020 - Marauder Robotics has become an active participant in the monthly Kelp Ecosystem Landscape Partnership for Research on Resilience (KELPRR) calls. KELPRR exists to facilitate partnerships to support rapid broad-scale kelp recovery in northern California, conduct research on the dynamics between kelp and urchins and track kelp recovery results, and engage community partners and citizen scientists.

Creative Destructive Labs

Fall 2020 - Marauder Robotics was interviewed and weighed the option of participation in an upcoming Creative Destructive Labs (CDL) cohort. Although a great opportunity, it was decided not to be in the best interest of Marauder Robotics at the time. Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies.

SeaAhead Bluetech Innovation membership

Summer 2020 - Marauder Robotics has become a startup member of SeaAhead Bluetech Innovation. SeaAhead works with bluetech startups at every stage to accelerate growth through our network of mentors, service providers and investors.

TBF collaboration / partnership

Spring 2020 - Marauder Robotics and The Santa Monica Bay Foundation (TBF) collaborated and entered into a contract to help address the kelp restoration efforts of TBF with technology provided by Marauder Robotics.

SMTP Funding

Spring 2020 - Marauder Robotics was granted funding by the Schmidt Marine Technology Partners (SMTP) to continue its work in developoing technology to help bring balance to the ocean.

Provisional patent filing

Spring 2020 - Marauder Robotics completed and filed a provisional patent to cover development and rights to protect intellectual property around designs that aid in marine ecosystem balance management.

SeaAhead Global Bluetech Summit

Fall 2019 - Marauder Robotics was invited to speak at SeaAhead's inaugural Global Bluetech Summit on October 10th in Brooklyn, NY. SeaAhead's inaugural Global Bluetech Summit brought together hundreds of high-level stakeholders to talk about the intersection of ocean innovation and finance. Our CEO, Dr. Dennis Yancey, delivered a 5 minute presentation, which was well received and generated numerous inquiries and contacts that have proven to be very beneficial to Marauder's continued progress.

Newsletter - Summer 2019 Edition (v03)

Summer 2019 - the Summer 2019 edition of the Marauder Robotics newsletter has been released. The newsletter sumarizes the recent activity of the company and what lies ahead. If you are not a part of our current newsletter list, you can read the newsletter and also subscribe to future newsletters here.

Office Space, ATDC

Summer 2019 - Marauder Robotics is pleased announce that we progressed up the ATDC waiting list to receive dedicated office space in the Centergy Building on Georgia Tech’s campus. ATDC includes access to workshop equipment and innumerable mentors, opportunities and peers. As of July 2019, we can be found in Suite 3405, at 75 Fifth St, Atlanta, GA!

MIT Solve

Spring 2019 - Marauder Robotics attended the 2019 MIT Solve Event, May 7-9, in Cambridge, MA. Solve at MIT is Solve's annual flagship event bringing together more than 500 prominent global leaders in the business, foundation, nonprofit, and academic sectors, as well as MIT faculty and students. The event will highlight the 30+ incredible tech innovators that were selected in 2018 from a pool of 1,150 applicants as Solver teams, with the objective of forming partnerships to fund, pilot, and advance their solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Solve at MIT will also bring together MIT experts and cross-sector leaders to discuss and advance solutions to Solve's 2019 Global Challenges, which are open for applications through July 1, 2019.

Module Development (Target Interaction)

Spring 2019 - Marauder Robotics and our Georgia Tech partner (Dr. Mick West) are working on two target (urchin) interaction modules. One module is designed to neutralize the urchin, the other is designed to collect the urchin for later purposes. Both are in the final stages of preparation for water testing.

Testing: Georgia Aquarium

Spring 2019 - Marauder Robotics joined our Georgia Tech partner (Dr. Mick West) to validate computer vision algorithms at the Georgia Aquarium on live urchin. Both urchin recognition and urchin counting algorithms were tested and reviewed. These algorithms were also applied to field data (video) of actual urchin barrens, shared by our extended partner team.

ATDC Startup Showcase

Spring 2019 - Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) hosted a Startup Showcase on April 18. Marauder Robotics was one of 9 companies from the Accelerate program that was able to share our work in the Fast Pitch session.

Testing: Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Spring 2019 - Marauder Robotics joined our Georgia Tech partner (Dr. Mick West) to conduct some in-field testing at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography at Skidaway Island, GA. The development of the navigation module was evaluated by conducting line following and target tracking in low visibility conditions. The system was able to traverse approximately 50ft, from surface to a depth of more than 10ft while tracking a target.

MIT Solve

Winter 2018 - Marauder has been featured several times (1,2,3) in recent MIT Solve postings. Solve has also continued to be very instrumental in introducing Marauder Robotics to others who have helped to advance the Marauder Robotics mission.

Newsletter - Fall 2018 Edition (v02)

November 2018 - the Fall 2018 edition of the Marauder Robotics newsletter has been released. The newsletter sumarizes the recent activity of the company and what lies ahead. If you would like to subscribe your email to receive a copy of future newsletters, please click here.

Creative Destructive Labs (CDL)

October 2018 - Marauder Robotics was selected to participate as a part of Creative Destructive Labs - Atlantic's 2018-19 Prime Stream cohort, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Prime stream brings together many of the region’s most experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists from diverse fields including software development, infrastructure, food and agriculture, and clean technology. CDL startups work with these mentors to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, raise capital, and engage with experts working on the frontiers of research.

Master Agreement (with GTARC)

October 2018 - Marauder Robotics has completed the final stages of securing a Master Agreement with Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation. GTARC provides research administration services for Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), a business segment of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) that is focused on applied research and development. This master agreement with GTARC will allow Marauder Robotics to work with any Georgia Tech Research Institute engineers or Georgia Tech faculty to develop technology toward our objective, with a legal framework that safeguards both sides.

MIT Solve Challenge

September 2018 - Marauder Robotics was officially named a Solver with MIT Solve, a marketplace for social impact tackling global Challenges, including issues around Coastal Communities. We gave a 3 minute pitch presentation to judges and attendees at an opening event for the UN General Assembly week 2018 in New York City and were named one of the 9 Coastal Communities Solver teams. We are thrilled that this opportunity afforded Marauder Robotics a role on a global stage to raise awareness of the urchin barren situation and our efforts to help restore balance to these marine environments.


September 2018 - Marauder Robotics has also establishing Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with our three (3) pilot sites partners. While not legally binding, these MOUs serve to define an initial framework of how Marauder Robotics will work with our three pilot sites to validate our early work and also provide a service in the process.

Marauder Robotics has also secured Letters of Support (LOS) from these three (3) pilot partners. The Letters of Support are very beneficial to secure additional funding and customers, when provided by respected entities, such as those we are engaging in our initial pilot tests. These Letters of Support validate interest and confidence in what we are trying to achieve at Marauder Robotics.

Summer Intern

Summer 2018 - Over the summer of 2018, we were pleased to welcome an intern (Kalyani Yancey) to help with image processing. These images are being used to train the computer vision algorithm that can track and identify urchin, among other species. Kalyani was able to process close to 1,000 images, while tagging multiple species of plant and animals in each image.

Marc Minotto - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

May 2018 - The Marauder Robotics team is pleased to welcome Marc Minotto as our Chief Operating Officer (COO). Marc will lead the corporate development effort for Marauder and brings 25+ years of technology company experience with a demonstrated track record of driving revenue growth, creating operational excellence and building shareholder value. Marc’s roles include fund raising, business development, finance and management of the customer life cycle.

From 2000-2013, Marc served as President/COO of (2) high growth startups in health information technology (SaaS) and medical devices. From 1989-1999, Marc worked for Basic American Medical in various senior management team roles until Basic American Medical was acquired by Fuqua Enterprises (NYSE: FQE). In addition to business leadership, Marc is an experienced investor having led several capital raises for various technology companies and participated in multiple rounds of financing as an LP with his Tech Investment Group. Marc started his business career building a foundation of business excellence as a professional associate with Arthur Andersen & Company for clients in the technology sector. Marc holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Georgia.

Newsletter - Inaugural Edition (v01)

March 07, 2018 - the inaugural edition of the Marauder Robotics newsletter has been released. The newsletter sumarizes the recent activity of the company and what lies ahead. If you would like to subscribe your email to receive a copy of future newsletters, please click here.

Demo Days

San Francisco

February 15, 2018 - The third and final Flashpoint@GT Demo Day occured in San Francisco at the office of New Enterprise Associates (NEA) on February 15th. This Demo Day was again strictly targeted for accredited investors. There were over 40 investors present, and we made some valuable connections at the following investor reception, and throughout the remainder of our time spent in California, from Monterey to Calistoga.

New York City

February 1, 2018 - The second Flashpoint@GT Demo Day occured in New York City at the State University of New York (SUNY) Global Center on February 1st. This Demo Day was strictly targeted for investors. There were over 100 investors present, and we again received positive feedback and interest during the following investor reception. This Demo Day was hosted by Alpha Venture Partners.

Atlanta - 2018 Innovation for All Conference

January 23, 2018 - The first Flashpoint@GT Demo Day for Cohort #8 was in Atlanta at the Historic Academy of Medicine on January 23rd. This Demo Day was part of the 2018 Innovation For All Conference. There were over 300 people present, a mix of investors, stakeholders and other interested parties. We received favorable feedback and made several good connections during the investors reception which may prove to be very fruitful. We are starting to cultivate these relationships, as we continue our Demo Day presentations. This Demo Day was hosted by the Georgia Tech Innovation Enterprise Institute.


Marauder One

January 2018 - An initial prototype of our autonomous, tunable underwater predator has been conceptualized, and named Marauder One. A preliminary 3D printing of this this Marauder One model was conducted in early February.


We continue to build our support network through our teams of advisors and partners. We have formed strong bonds with team members focused on technical details, business strategy, and pilot trials. Thus far, we have conducted two large group calls that have spanned two continents and three time zones. We are in the process of formalizing many of these relationships, via master agreements and MOUs.

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